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The Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, GDC Kozhikode provides diagnostic service to four districts of North Kerala in addition to imparting education to Under Graduate (BDS), Post Graduate (MDS), Dental Mechanic (DMC) and Dental Operatory Room Assistant (DORA) students.

From a humble beginning in the early half of the 1980s with a haematology lab, it has grown to a full-fledged facility which houses state of the art equipment. The department started its histopathologic tissue processing and diagnostic & research facilities at the commencement of post graduate course (MDS) in the speciality of Oral Pathology & Microbiology. Later immunohistochemistry, microbiology and cytology laboratories also were appended. The department also provides forensic odontology expertise in medicolegal cases.

• Complete Hemogram & ESR
• Screening for HIV, HCV and HBsAg
• Preparation of ground sections of teeth and replica of dental arches for age estimation in forensic odontology
• Diagnosis of fungal infections
• Exfoliative Cytology and FNAC
• Histopathologic diagnosis using H&E and Special staining procedures
• Immunohistochemistry (IHC) 

• Haematology and histopathology Equipments:
- Haematology Analyser
- Centrifuge

Histopathology Lab:
- Fully automatic tissue processor
- Automatic embedding station
- Automatic microtome
- Incubator
- Pentahead Research Microscope
- Trinocular microscope with photo micrographic unit

• Immunohistochemistry lab
Advanced diagnosis of histopathology slides

• Cytology & Microbiology Lab
PAP smears, FNAC and Candida smears are stained here.

• Well-equipped PG Clinic and Seminar room

• Lecture Hall cum Practical Lab

Displays the evolution of dentition. Houses the archived collection of mammalian, reptilian and human dentition. The museum also has an extensive array of human dentition - anatomic as well as developmental anomalies and pathologic specimens.

  1. Dr. M. Ram Manohar: 1983 - 1989 (HOD I/C) & 1989 - 1999 July (HOD)
  2. Dr. Ambika K.: 2000 Oct - 2002 July 31st
  3. Dr. Ipe Varghese: 2002 Aug - 2006 Oct
  4. Dr. P.M. Shameena: 2006 Nov - 2013 March
  5. Dr. Sudha S: 2013 July - 2019 Aug

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  Dr.Ipe Varghese: Best Teacher Award of University of Calicut (Prof. M.M.Ghani Award 2005)
  Dr.Ipe Varghese : Best Doctor Award by Govt. Of Kerala in 2006
  Dr.Shameena P.M.- Chairperson UG board of studies Calicut University (2007-2010)
  Dr.Shameena P.M.- Chairperson UG board of studies KUHS (2011-2013), Member of PG board of studies(2018-2021)
  Dr. SudhaS: Best Doctor Award by Govt. of Kerala in 2016
  Dr.Sudha S: Member of UG board of studies (2015-2019)
  Dr.Sudha S: Chairperson and executive committee member of Pain and Palliative care society ,Kozhikode ( 2012-2018)
  Dr.Navajeevraj MN- National Level Award for Best Secretary 2019-2020 (Indian Dental Association)

  Dr. Deepak Pandiar: - MDS1ST Rank with distinction (KUHS 2013)
  Dr. Remya K - MDS 2NDRank(KUHS 2018)
  Dr. Ambili M - MDS 1STRank (KUHS 2020)
  Dr. Revathi Krishna - MDS 1STRank (KUHS 2021)

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