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Department of Prosthodontics, Government Dental college, Kozhikode, is one of the premier centres in the field of Prosthodontics and is considered to be the referral centre for the complete prosthodontic care of patients from around 5 nearby districts.

Post graduate course started in the department in the year 1994 with 2 admissions per year. Starting with the basic dental prosthodontic procedures, the department is well equipped with cutting edge technology like intra oral scanner, piezo surgical unit, and a well-equipped TMJ clinic. Also, many novel and innovative research programmes are going on in the department with publications in the top-notched international journals.

Intra Oral Scanner
3D printer
Piezo surgical unit 

  1. Removable Prosthodontics
  2. Fixed Prosthodontics
  3. Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
  4. Implant Prosthodontics
  5. Management of TMJ pathologies
  6. Esthetic Dentistry
  7. Occlusal Rehabilitation
  1. Dr Jose Mampilly
  2. Dr Sulochana Devi
  3. Dr Jose Mampilly
  4. Dr Gopinath M
  5. Dr V K Zahida
  6. Dr Gilsa K Vasunni
  7. Dr Harsha Kumar K

1. Journal of Endodontics
G Parmar, A V Pramodkumar.
Custom- fabricated Endodontic implants: Report of two cases.
J Endod 2000 May;26(5):301-3.

2. The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society
A V Pramod Kumar, T K Vinni, Mehul R Mahesh.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Maxillary Tooth Supported and Mandibular Tooth and Implant Supported Combination Prostheses: A 4-Year Case Report.
J. IndianProsthodont. Soc. 2012: 12(2):113-9.

3. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Pramodkumar Ayyadanveettil, Vinni Thavakkara, Neethu Latha, Meenu Pavanan,
Arya Saraswathy, Mohamed Saheer Kuruniyan
Randomized clinical trial of zirconia and polyetheretherketone implant abutments for single-tooth implant restorations: A 5-year evaluation.
J Prosthet Dent 2021 Aprl.

4. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Pramodkumar Ayyadanveettil, Vinni Thavakkara, Sameera Koodakkadavath,
Aneesa Thavakkal.
Influence of collar height of definitive restoration and type of luting cement on the amount of residual cement in implant restorations: A clinical study.
J Prosthet Dent 2021 Jun

5. International journal of Prosthodontics
Meenu Pavanan, Pramodkumar Ayyadanveettil, Vinni Thavakkara, Neethu Latha, Arya Saraswathy, Mohamed Saheer Kuruniyan.
Retenion strength of zirconia crowns cemented on PEEK abutments using two different types of resin cements with or without primer application –an invitrostudy.
Accepted for publication on 20-7- 2021 

1. Dr. Vinni T K - Dr. B R Das Award for overall best paper in the IPS conference at Chennai 2007

2. Dr. Aneesa T & Dr. Aiswarya Ashok – “Prostho Quest” Ever- Rolling Trophy
in 3rd IPS Kerala State Conference Kottayam 2019

3. Dr. Vinni T K - IDA National Award for the best Editor 2019.

4. Dr. Aneesa T & Dr. Meenu Pavanan - KUHS 2 ND Rank in MDS Part II Prosthodontics 2020.

5. Dr. Jerly Abraham - Dr. EGR SOLOMON Award for overall best research paper in the 23 rd IPS National PG Convention Jaipur 2021. 

1. Dr.Aneesa T – 2ND Rank (KUHS, 2020)
2. Dr.Meenu Pavanan – 2nd Rank (KUHS, 2020)

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