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Periodontology is a branch of Dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the supporting tissues of teeth. The practice of Periodontology include a variety of non surgical and surgical clinical procedures which are done regularly in this Department. We also carry out clinical, academic and research activities as a part of training. Post graduate training began in the year 1999, with two student intake per year. Public Health Dentistry Department was functioning under the umbrella of Periodontics till 2018. The department is also a recognized PhD centre under Kerala University of Health Sciences, Kerala. PhD, MDS and BDS training are held here along with other research activities. 

Oral prophylaxis
1. Supragingival scaling
2. Subgingival scaling

 Surgical & Nonsurgical periodontal therapy
1. Subgingival curettage
2. Flap surgery
3. Regenerative flap surgery using bone graft and GTR
4. Gingivectomy
5. Muco gingival surgery
6. Laser assisted periodontal therapy
7. Splinting
8. Treatment for tooth hypersensitivity
9.  Implant surgery and Periodontal Microsurgery
10. Periodontal treatment for medically compromised patients

Other services
1. School dental health programme
2. Public awareness programme
3. Public dental camps

• Undergraduate training programme
• Post graduate training programme in Clinical Periodontology
• PhD programme
• Rural dental health programmes
• Training on research programmes 

Clinical training – non surgical periodontal therapy, Local drug deliveries, surgical periodontal therapies like resective , regenerative therapy with graft and non graft materials, mucoginigval surgical procedures, Laser assisted Periodontal surgical and non surgical procedures, Implant surgery and Periodontal Microsurgery. Ours was the first Department in the State to introduce state of the art “zero cost” regenerative therapy using Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)- a second generation platelet concentrate in 2009 for periodontal case management.

  1. Dr Meherunissa Bai: 20-04-1989 to 28-05-1992
  2. Dr Rezy Cheru: 06-06-1992 to 03-09-1994
  3. Dr H Shamsuddin: 01-04-1995 to22-11-2004

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