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The Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry is an organization whose primary objective is to promote the oral health of infants, children, adolescents and children with special health care needs.This Department in our college was established in the year 1982. The Post graduation course was started in 2005. Oral health problems of children from newborns up to the age group of 13 years are managed and are treated in the department. Despite the largest number of cases in the north Malabar of Kerala reporting in our daily OPD, we are successfully providing the most advanced and standard treatment care for the patients. We have extended the wide range of treatment facilities in Pediatric endodontics, Pediatric orthodontics, and oral surgical procedures and we update the latest treatment modalities on a regular basis. Our department represents the only institution in the specialty for achieving a high and ethical standard of practice, promotion of education, and research in Pediatric dentistry in Calicut.

The department balances teaching, patient care and professional service activities. Our teaching mission is broad in scope. The department's faculty is involved in didactic preclinical, clinical, continuing education, teaching, training and research activities. Several members of the faculty have received teaching and research awards. Scholarly activity includes numerous presentations and continuing education courses, and abstracts and articles published in indexed journals.

1) Restorative Treatments- Conventional and newer minimally invasive treatments
2) Preventive dental procedures
3) Pediatric endodontics-using newer agents and instruments (hand and rotary)
Including regeneration and revascularization procedures
4) Pediatric Crowns – zirconia, Kudos, strip and SS crowns
5) Prosthetic rehabilitation – post core crowns , dentures , obturators
6) Interceptive orthodontic- orthopedic & myofunctional appliances, space regainers , habit correction appliances and minor orthodontic treatments.
7) Preventive orthodontics - Fixed and removable Space maintainers
8) Fixed Orthodontic Treatment- 2X4, Sectional Fixed , FAT in selective cases
9) Surgical Procedures– major and minor

10) Treatment using conscious sedation unit. Here the cooperative or potentially co-operative natured patient is consciously sedated and is given full conventional and advanced dental treatment..
11) Full mouth dental treatments under General anesthesia for physically/mentally challenged children and also minor surgical procedures under GA.
12) Treatment for special children
-Cleft lip and cleft palate patients(feeding plate, nasoalveolar moulding, obturators), syndromic , differently abled and medically compromised conditions. 

• Intra oral scanner
• Soft tissue laser
• Radiovisiograghy  

  1. Dr. E. Ramakrishnan
  2. Dr. N. Retnakumari
  3. Dr. Sheela Sreedharan
  4. Dr. Kannan Vadakkepurayil

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- Dr. Anupam Kumar T .V a senior member in PG Board in Calicut and Kerala University of health sciences since 2021.
- Dr. Anupam Kumar T .V has been approved as PhD guide by KUHS.
- Dr. Madhu.S secured Ist rank in Certificate course in clinical skill simulation, KUHS , 23/10/2019
- Dr. Madhu.S qualified as PhD Scholar under KUHS on 25/04/2019
- Our department is recognized as PhD centre on 04/6/2015
- Our department conducted CDE on (i) Presurgical nasoalveolar moulding and surgical Management of cleft lip and palate and (ii) Interceptive orthodontics
- Dr. Madhu.S achieved best paper award in 40th annual conference of ISPPD at Nagpur
- Dr.Anu Abraham secured 3rd prize in poster presentation on Avulsion conducted by Association of Pedodontic and Preventive Dentistry in 2020
- Dr. Vidhya.R was awarded 2nd prize for Poster presentation on Bioesthetic restoration in 13th National Pedo PG Convention Feb 2016.
- Dr. Shijineed.T.K was awarded 2nd prize for Poster presentation on Bioesthetic restoration in 13th National Pedo PG Convention Feb 2016
- Dr. Kannan Vadakkepurayil served as the advisor of annual conference of ISPPD at Le Meridian Kochi on 20-22nd October 2016
- Dr. Vidhya.R received 1nd prize for E-Poster presentation 0n MTA BIODENTIN CALCIUM ENRICHED MIXTURE INHEREVT VERSATILITIES in 1st PG Convention of Kerala Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry on Feb 2015 at Thiruvalla.
- Dr. Vidhya.R achieved the BEST POSTER AWARD 36th Annual Conference of ISPPD held at Lucknow Oct 2014. 

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